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Eric Bortels


Karate Experience:
Age: 56
41 years karate experience.
Trainer of GONOSEN karate since 1996
6th dan Shotokan karate.
Did his 5th and 6th dan in Japan under Kagawa Shihan.
Responsible for Japan Karate Shoto Federation in Benelux.

Karate for disabled people, experience:
Started to teach in 2006. 16 years’ experience.
Founder of I-karate Global over the world and G-karate in Belgium.

I-karate global has its own unique championship over the world where all disabled people can join no matter what disability.

Eric wrote a unique practical guide about how to teach disabled people.

Categorized in ASD, Deaf, Vision Impairment, Intellectual Impairment, Physical impairment.

Educate coaches all over the world who are open to educate disabled people.

Eric teaches about 200 disabled people in Belgium at the moment and has already educated 52 coaches.

Full time trainer for people with special needs.

Started ICP-Move in 2019

erasmus +sport IKONS 2019-2021 scientific proof with the method concerning karate for people with the Syndrome of Down

Project Een hart Voor Limburg 2019-2023 concerning implementing the method in special need schools but NOT karate related anymore.

Luc Buntinx


History : After his accident in 2016, Luc is in a wheelchair with a T2 spinal cord injury and from the rehabilitation Luc is recommended to practice a sport activity.

Luc had never done any sport before, not even swimming or gymnastics in high school, so he chose a sport where he thought: "G-karate : it won't work".
But from his first lesson with Eric, Luc experiences that movements do good to his partially paralyzed body.

After only 20 training sessions, Eric asks Luc if he wants to participate in a competition.

After some persuasion by Eric, Luc agrees.

When it turns out later that it's a world championship race being organized in Budapest, Luc has to prepare himself thoroughly. Not only that, it was also the first time for Luc, since his accident, that he went outside the vicinity of the church tower of home town Zonhoven.
When the competition in Budapest takes place at the end of April 2018, Luc turns out, against all expectations of himself, that Luc even wins another world title in his category.

Back home, Eric and Luc discuss what happened and especially "HOW" it could have happened. Eric then explains to Luc his system and what Eric is in for.
Because of Luc's entrepreneurial past, Luc sees great opportunities in Eric's system.

Together with Manu, they founded the NPO ICP-move in the summer of 2019.

Manu Ville


I have known Eric for years through regular karate.

When he asked me a few years ago to be a referee at a Inclusive karate competition in Lund, Sweden I agreed. This experience made a strong impression on me with the result that I became more closely involved in the Inclusive karate working.

I stood and stand fully behind the vision of ICP-move to extend the methodology of the Inclusive karate to other sports and other applications. Hence, again at the request of Eric, Luc and I founded the non-profit organization in the summer of 2019.

Benjamin Gijsbers



I am Benjamin Gijsbers.

I have been a sports teacher in special secondary education since 2003.

Through my work I came into contact with Eric.

Because of the shared vision and goals within Inclusive sports I started to work more closely together with Eric.

For me ICP means 'logical structure' and 'total development'.

When you have mastered the basics of ICP-move, you can, as far as I'm concerned, as a teacher AND as a sportsman go in all directions in terms of body development.

With this thought I want to support ICP-move and help spread the methodology.

Frederike Scholz


During my Bachelor and Master studies in the UK I found my growing interest in disability study research, in particular research that focuses on challenging disability related streotypes and discrimination in society. In 2018 I was awarded a PhD in Work and Employment Relations, where I undertook research with and for disabled people to challenge taken for granted ableist norms embedded in recruitment practices. These norms are formed around able-bodied assumptions and reject disabled people as workers.

In 2018 I moved to Belgium where I met Manu and Eric, and where I was made familiar with Inclusive karate and ICP-move. In 2020 I successfully completed the Inclusive karate trainer course and since then I am an active member of ICP-move where I predominately look at social media but also at opportunities to do research to show how this sport methodology can help increase the inclusion of disabled people in society.

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